The Meaning Of Skulls

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The Meaning of Skulls
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Human Skull Symbolism

Skulls have different meaning to different people.
Some people perceive them to be negative, evil or demonic,
but to a lot of people the meaning is completely different.
When you see a skull, you should not rush to judgment
or assume it represents a symbol of death.

The symbolism of skulls to many include:
wisdom and guidance,
overcoming death,
surviving through a difficult time,
or even immortality.

Winged skulls can represent mortality beyond death
and skulls are the main symbol of the Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead"
or Día de los Muertos in Spanish.
This holiday is similar to "All Saints Day"
when family and friends gather to pray for, and to remember
loved ones who have died.

The skull and crossbones symbol to many
symbolizes rebirth
or a gateway to a higher realm of understanding
achievable only through spiritual death and rebirth.

In Celtic culture, the skull is believed to be the seat of power
and the house of the soul.

In ancient and primitive cultures
skulls were believed to ward off evil or illness
and wearing skulls would insure protection and well-being.

Other cultures and religions have their beliefs as well,
and of course,
some people simply think skulls are just plain cool
and don't symbolize anything at all.

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