Cerebral Celebration II

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Cerebral Celebration II
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Merriment for your mind.
A grand gala for your grey matter.

(Music, videos, photos, oddities, scary stuff and more!)

conjoined twins doll
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Russian Conjoined Twins subjected to medical 'experiments'
by scientists after snatched from mother

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Dia De Los Muertos - Grand Park Los Angeles - October 31, 2018

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Alice Cooper
Welcome to My Nightmare
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weird illusion
1. Focus on the "+" sign
in the center of the animated graphic to the left.

2. Concentrate. (Stare at "+" sign)

3. Experience.
Watch as the moving dot turns green!
Watch as the new green dot erases all the other dots!

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Focus on the dot in the center.
Move your head towards and then away from the image.
In your peripheral vision, watch the gears turning.
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The Avalanches
Frontier Psychiatrist

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strange shapes
The four shapes used to create the top image
were rearranged to create the bottom image.
The new image is the exact same size as the original image.
So where did the extra square come from?
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death by hanging
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~ Weird Death Facts ~

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.

By law, all executed criminals in the U.S. have to have an autopsy
to determine cause of death.

When first discovered, Mummies were so plentiful that they were ground up
and sold as fertilizer & put into medicines.

Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California is the largest cemetery in the U.S.

Mistakes on a doctor’s note, mainly due to messy handwriting,
kill over 7,000 people in the U.S. each year.

A person’s muscles may continue to spasm periodically
even several hours after death.

A human head remains conscious
for around 20 seconds after being decapitated.

About 100 billion people have died in all of human history.

Sharks kill approximately 12 people per year
while people kill more than 11,000 sharks... per hour!

Vending machines kill about 13 people a year.
More than sharks!
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Tom Waits
Little Drop Of Poison

I like my town
With a little drop of poison
Nobody knows
They're linin' up to go insane

I'm all alone
I smoke my friends down to the filter
But I feel much cleaner
After it rains

And she left in the fall
That's her picture on the wall
She always had that little drop of poison

Did the Devil
Make the World
While God was sleeping
You'll never get a wish from a bone

Another long goodbye
And a hundred sailors
That deep blue sky
Is my home

And she left in the fall
That's her picture on the wall
She always had that little drop of poison

Well a rat
Always knows
When he's in with weasels
Here you lose a little everyday

Well I remember
When a million was a million
They all have ways
To make you pay

And she left in the fall
That's her picture on the wall
She always had that little drop of poison

And she left in the fall
That's her picture on the wall
She always had that little drop of poison

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no voodoo graveyard
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Haunted Graveyards:
The grave of Emily Palmer
The grave of Emily 'Emma' Palmer (1848 - 1885)
can be found at St. Mary Church, Acocks Green, Birmingham England.

On 27th December 1884, Emily Palmer, 'Emma' to her friends,
was shot by Henry Kimberley in the White Hart pub
which she owned with her husband.
A female friend of Emma's was trying to break off a 17 year relationship
with Henry Kimberley who turned up at the White Hart pub with a gun.
Kimberley shot his girlfriend
and also shot Emma who tried to shield her friend.
Emma's friend survived the shooting
while Emma herself died from her wounds
12 days later on the 8th of January 1885. She was 37 years old.
The Ghost of Emily Palmer is known locally
to roam the graveyard at St. Mary Church in a benign fashion.

Henry Kimberley was convicted of murder
and executed by the state on 17th of March 1885.
He was hanged at Winson Green Prison, Birmingham,
becoming the first prisoner to be hanged there.
His ghost is said to haunt the site of the White Hart pub
which has long been demolished.
Kimberly's spirit is said to be a "malignant" type entity,
meaning a very angry, wandering type of ghost
who carries anger and hostility over having it's earthly life cut short
and not having the proper funeral rites
and / or died without the benefit of a family.

More about St. Mary's Church can be found here:
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