Free Shoe Lace Charm Template

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Free Shoe Lace Charm Template

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shoe lace charm template sample
Shoe Lace Charm Template!
To download your free template
in the file type of your choice
click on the corresponding link below.
After you open the image of your choice,
just right click on it and save it to your computer.
These links will instantly open your "save as" option.
(The .XCF file above is for use in GIMP and is already layered)

File sizes are as follows (approximately):
.PNG = 110KB / .JPG = 1,295KB / .GIF = 130KB
.TIFF = 25MB / .BMP = 25MB / .PSD = 25MB / .XCF = 2226KB

Templates are for personal use only!
Do not sell, post or distribute them in any way!

By downloading any of these templates
you agree to NOT distribute them in any way!
Do not sell, trade, give-away, file share,
or upload these templates online.
Template resolution is 300 dpi and they contain 110 ovals.
Ovals are slightly larger than 12x16mm
so that you will never have any white edges!

Once you have downloaded your template, open it in your graphics program.
Add your image (or design your own) inside of the green ovals.

If you are not very familiar with graphics programs
or if making your image into an oval is too complicated,
you can also add rectangular images
inside of the boxes that surround the green ovals.
The image size should be 166 pixels tall by 213 pixel wide.
Your epoxy stickers will fit perfectly over your images either way.

Once your image or images are complete,
you can print out your project on any white paper.
(You can experiment with different papers to find what works best for you)
Remember to save your designs
so you can print them out again if you need to.

Use your favorite graphics program to design your own custom images!
Don't have a graphics program? Try one of these free graphics programs!
GIMP - Free & Open Source Software from
Blender - Free & Open Source Software from

Other free programs we have not tried yet include:
Adobe Photoshop CS2 from from