Customer Catacombs II

skullsvilleusa skull beads

Customer Catacombs II

SkullsvilleUSA customer submitted photos

skullsvilleusa skull bar
A thank you photo from an awesome customer.

Cool photo!
Thanks for sharing!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
beelzebub skull bead
This Beelzebub Buffalo Horn Skull Bead was used to adorn an inrō.
(For pronunciation, visit and click on the speaker on the left hand side)
Inrō are sort of like a feudal Japanese wallet & pillbox.
Traditional Japanese clothing rarely has any pockets,
so samurai would wear inro on their belt to keep track of
small easily lost items like coins, herbal medicine & so on.
Samurai who smoked a kiseru pipe would use them to carry their kizami tobacco.
from @lostcauserescue

Thanks for sharing @lostcauserescue

skullsvilleusa skull bar
skin dice bag with bone skull beads
Custom deerskin dice bag
with hand carved vampire skull bead
by OurPrimitivecrafts on Etsy.
See this item here!

Such beautiful work!
Be sure to visit their Etsy shop people!!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
simple single strand skull bracelet
Single strand skull bead bracelet.

Simple and elegant.
Thanks for sharing!!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
paracord mummy key chains
Paracord Mummy Key Chains by Andrew from Australia.

You've gotta love your mummy, right!?!
Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
bone skull bead paracord bracelet on jig
Paracord bracelet made with
one of our Lightly Antiqued Buffalo Bone Skull Beads.

Another sweet bracelet made by our good customer "M"
It's made up of 2 layers of standard 550 paracord using the cobra weave
and then finished up with a reflective tracer of micro cord.
The eyes are glued in Czech Glass Beads.

I like the way you figured out how to use
our Beezlebub skull bead with the top to bottom beading hole
on this bracelet, and the eyes are an awesome touch!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
thin red line paracord bracelet
thin blue line paracord bracelet
paracord bracelets
We can make any colors for only $5.95 each plus shipping.
All money goes to first responders and military.
Order by sending a message at
We can add any photo to your charms too! The price is $11.95 each.

Thanks for the submission!
You're doing a great thing!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
skull bead and bullet paracord bracelet
skull bead and bullet paracord bracelet
Paracord snake knot bracelet,
made with .45 bullet casings, skull beads and 10 gage copper wire.

That's one sweet bracelet. Very classy.
Thank you for sharing!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
skull bead paracord bracelet
skull bead mummy paracord key chain
Submitted by Cosmo599

skull bead paracord bracelet
More from Cosmo599
"Bracelet made today."

Thanks again Cosmo599!
Very inspiring!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
lacrosse stick or crosse with skull beads
lacrosse stick or crosse with skull beads
"Sisterhood of the Skulls"
Girls lacrosse.
The girls receive skull beads as rewards for being awesome.

Thank you for sharing Coach Roy!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
skull bead mask
skull bead mask
Skull bead mask
inspired by ICP music video "Chris Benoit"

Excellent and most awesome project!
Thank you for sharing!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
bone skull beads, teakwood and sterling silver necklace
My favorite skull beads!!!
Thank you from Switzerland!

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

skullsvilleusa skull bar
skull bead end cap paracord buddy
skullsvilleusa skull bar
skull buckle paracord bracelet
skull bead paracord cross key chain
skull cross paracord bracelet
skull cross paracord bracelet
More items created by
an American Veteran, good friend and customer of SkullsvilleUSA
using some of our skull beads & charms.
These were all made using 275 paracord!

Thanks again Lorenzo for sharing your exceptional work with us!

skullsvilleusa skull bar

Who's next!?!

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